Friday, December 21, 2012

Shop Profile--Speedhaus/Homegrown High Performance

Homegrown High Performance and Speedhaus....A collaboration of years of education, knowledge, experience mixed with some young styling, genius minds, quick working white boys. Oh and a lot of cocaine....I mean Diet Coke. Thomas and Shayne of Homegrown High Performance joined up with Graham from Speedhaus to create one sweet shop. The guys from HHP are huge Chevy guys. They are actually in the midst of building a few right now; one of which being Gary's 600hp lsx 240sx of Elite Drift. Graham is on the opposite end with BMW's. In his words, "If I could. I would work on E46's all day."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

ECFF/Metal In Motion

werds: Sean Biggs
snaps: Steven Darchiville, Danny Tang and Chris Tran

One of the fundamental ideas behind the bURG concept is recognition of not only the local community, but of the east coast scene as a whole.  For years it has felt like the mainstream automotive culture had negrlected the east coast.  However, walking among the many rows of impressive builds at the Stance:Nation/ISO East Coast Fitment Festival and Streetwise Drift Metal In Motion, it felt damn good to be so east coast!
From unique vintage builds to immaculate VIP sedans, Euros and even a swarm of Honda Ruckus scooters, there was a variety of impressive eye candy to check out all day.  The meet as a whole felt reminiscent of earlier Import Alliance days and combined with the perfect weather, it made for a great Saturday.  The bURG's own Editor-in-Chief, Steven Darchiville, debuted his Z32 build for the first time and received plenty of positive feedback.  Owner/Founder of Stance:Nation, Elvis Skender, made the trip out from California and I'm proud to say there was an overload of quality builds displayed to give the west coaster an impression of what the southeast has to offer.
Throughout the day both practice and competitive drifting entertained show goers and participants. Spartanburg locals Adam Seaman, Tommy Van Cleef, Graham Stockley, Justin Moore and bURG contributor Andy Savatisensei qualified Top 16 in the SWD G.A.C.S. Competion.
The southeastern culture has grown into a strong force since the adolescent days of the tuning scene and it's nice to see a signature style develop over the years.  Quality wheels, extensive engine modifications, hot rod/import style cross-breeding, bright colors and parts from homegrown companies like Grip Royal seem to be the flavor of our scene and I love it!  I hope this event becomes an annual affair because we had a blast! Enjoy the pictorial coverage of East Coast Fitment Festival/Metal in Motion!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mr. Graham Stockley on SpeedHunters

Graham was shown a little love on with his shot of the Flying Lizard Porsche from Petit Le Mans.  Nice job dude!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cheyenne Rae Benefit Show

Community.  Everyone can say they are part of a good community that will help out when needed.  But the bURG PROVED that we are an awesome community.  Not just those that follow our blog or are into cars, but everyone in Spartanburg that cares and wants to help when they can.  Nothing showed this community pride more than the Cheyenne Rae Benefit Car show held at Chief's.  Everyone came together to help a little girl that many of us have not even met.  And to think, this whole thing started from an idea of Facebook.  It's truly amazing what can happen when people from all walks of life can come together for a good cause!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

StreetwiseDrift Pro AM finals...VIR Awesomeeee!!!

Virginia International Raceway was sick!! Really though...It was one of the most beautiful racetracks the bURG has visited all year. StreetwiseDrift had their Pro AM finals last weekend, and the drivers definitely battled it out to on the track and in the rain.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Spaceboy's back with a little change.
Going with a more eccentric look, he's refinished his Miro 111's in a unique pinkish red color.  Definitely gives the car that flare.