Friday, December 21, 2012

Shop Profile--Speedhaus/Homegrown High Performance

Homegrown High Performance and Speedhaus....A collaboration of years of education, knowledge, experience mixed with some young styling, genius minds, quick working white boys. Oh and a lot of cocaine....I mean Diet Coke. Thomas and Shayne of Homegrown High Performance joined up with Graham from Speedhaus to create one sweet shop. The guys from HHP are huge Chevy guys. They are actually in the midst of building a few right now; one of which being Gary's 600hp lsx 240sx of Elite Drift. Graham is on the opposite end with BMW's. In his words, "If I could. I would work on E46's all day."

There shop is still empty here. They were in the process of moving stuff in. Before you guys ask; yes, there were donuts done inside the shop lol.

Tools and equipment in.

This is the engine building master. Shayne Town

Motors and motor parts from lsx rods to Honda K series to BMW M longblocks.

I assure you. They do know what they are doing.

Graham marking his territory...

Nissans also make their way through the shop on a regular basis

Speedhaus/Homegrown High Performance is a shop for anyone looking to get variety of work done. From oil changes and lights to engine builds and swaps...they can do it for you. Shayne is always ready to share his knowledge and extensive experience of motors and car building. Thomas is your essential dirt neck car guy. He loves fast cars and big trucks and is one of the nicest guys you'll meet. Graham is a genius when it comes to working on cars. He always been super fast and ultra clean(almost OCD-like.)

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