Sunday, October 7, 2012

StreetwiseDrift Pro AM finals...VIR Awesomeeee!!!

Virginia International Raceway was sick!! Really though...It was one of the most beautiful racetracks the bURG has visited all year. StreetwiseDrift had their Pro AM finals last weekend, and the drivers definitely battled it out to on the track and in the rain.

There were a few non Pro AM drivers out there. Vince Moore was one of them, and was killing the track all day.

Justin Moore from Elite Drift also killing it!

Chris Tran and Jeremy "Do Burnouts" Norris rigging a rad cap for the 2jz G35.

Rare to see an MKIII Supra drifting. Achilles Radial/Van Cleef Motorsports driver Tommy Van Cleef getting down.

Chilling track side with the homies.

The view was pretty f'ing sweet on top of the hill at the staging area.

Gary "OMG" Coster did a reverse entry into some tires LOL. Just some minor battle damage.

Let me explain this picture real quick....Tyler Nelson blows turbo, Tyler Nelson gets RB25 turbo, Devon Robinson welds downpipe to RB turbo.....Tyler Nelson hs fastest entry all day(82mph.) Boss Status indeed.
And the big winner of the weekend. Adam Seaman of AJSdrift and Heads Up Motorsports. He took home the 1st place prize and gained his Formula D Pro license. The bURG's 1st(and hopefully not last) Pro Drifter....Feature on him and his team coming soon.

For the rest of the pix check out the link..=D

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