Sunday, October 2, 2011

Burg Boredom!... aka Hellaboard!

I believe my car is slammed, and ppl tell me all the time its really low, but when I look at my 240 i want it to go even lower! It seems that im not satisfied with it until im laying frame everywhere! The trend of slamming cars, impacts our lifestyles so the point when we are bored, we decide to lower other things! Jeremy Thomason, and I (Justin Moore) got bored earlier today. We were working on his sileighty, and had no will to do anything, saw his skateboard and decided to lower a skateboard! A week ago Danny Seyffer brought out his Slammed skateboard and irked my attention! so....

Of course jeremy rocking the coke white trucks on his plain board!

I decided to keep my red grip tape, Jeremy opted to remove his for the sleek finish

We slam our cars and throw stickers on them, why not sticker bomb our boards!

Posted up after a long day of hard parking

Zero clearance...Form> fat chicks allowed..skinny chicks...or anything board will scrape!

These boards are not Fatboy friendly!

Slammed Skateboards are easy to make. if you have an extra board you dont care about try it out, nice to cruise on at meets or just neat to make! all it takes is eight 3 1/2-4 inch bolts. 8 nuts the same thread pitch as your bolts. Make sure your wheels aren't worn out like ours because the board will not roll with added weight! Jeremy and I decided to go with a larger diameter bolt than the stock truck bolts. This required us to do more work, such as drilling the holes in our boards out and drilling the holes in the truck out a little! Keep in mind if you do this don't go to big or the trucks will be more prone to break!!! Once the trucks are removed from the board you can run your bolts up from the bottom, put your trucks on the top of the board. This will allow you to see the area you will need to cut out of your board so the wheels can actually touch the ground! I used a sharpie and drew a square around the wheels and then removed the trucks and bolts and proceeded to cut the areas out. Once all four slots are cut, re-install your trucks. This time install the 8 nuts and tighten them down evenly until they're all tight! and BOOM your done! The rest is up to you! I am not responsible for any actions or damage you may inflict on yourself during building one or riding one!

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