Friday, September 30, 2011

Life on the low is not an easy thing.  The lower you wanna go, the more problems you can run into.  Things rub.  You destroy road reflectors.  You destroy tires.  There are many steps to get you where you wanna go.  Luckily for the locals, you don't have to go it alone! Steven and Sean at Elite Audio can stop most of your headaches in a short time.  Equipped with a fender roller, heat gun and even a handful of magazines, they put in WORK!!! Today was no different for the duo.  Ryan Richey came by the shop to see if he could remedy some rubbing issues he's having in the rear fenders.

First comes the fender roller.

Ryan's Baller Wed Wheels!

Since the fender roller wasn't doing the trick, Steven used the old school tactic of the magazine roll!

Here's the final result! Full tire tuck! But this isn't good enough for Ryan.  He's going LOWER!!! We can't wait to see where his ride ends up when he gets the stance he is after!

Also in store today was Steven's brother Andrew.  He needed a tire replaced on his low and stanced Miata and it was handled in no time!

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