Monday, August 8, 2011

Streetwise Drift Pro AM Rd. 4/ G.A.C.S.

Adam Seaman just got the car running less than a week before. He qualified with a bent tie rod, and went on to take 4th place in the amateur series.

Amanda DaoneGrl Cowles heading out to the track. I've seen this girl put down some killer runs lately. She will definitely be a top contender in the G.A.C.S.

E.T. on the pit crew? lol

Chris Ward in his 1st place S13.4. One of the most badass drivers I've ever watched.

Drifters showed no mercy on cones. RIP

Chris Doyle staging for his qualifying runs. 1st place winner in the Grassroots Amateur Series Rd 4.

The pro-am drivers were putting down sick runs all day.

Erick Agrinsonis' 300zx chilling in the pit area waiting for his turn to tear up the track.

Drivers were still getting prepped for qualifying while on the track.

Justin Lowery went a little too hard right here. Luckily Justin was fine. He actually drove the car back to the pits.

The Richard Petty Experience was in full effect at the speedway. Pretty sweet to have Nascar running the track at the same time. We were told that the drift cars were definitely louder than the Richard Petty cars.

By far one of the best pit areas of the series.

13b FC vs LSX FC...all i can say was the rotory was all over him!

The staging area had an awesome view of the speedway. My favorite venue so far.

2nd place G.A.C.S. winner Tommy van Cleef warming up his tires.

I will always drool over Tyler Clayton 's drift spares. I almost pulled my car up and threw them in the back. :]

Tyler Nelson is one of the hardest drivers I've ever seen. By the look of his car you can tell without a doubt that this man goes HAM on the track.

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