Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crikey, Bite me Dingo!

When you think of an Australian car, a rusty old Holden Ute dodging kangaroos while tearing through the outback with an esky in the bed and a bunch of beer drinkin’surfers may come to mind… ok.. Well not quite... I may have slightly over exaggerated how Australia is portrayed to the outside world.

While there are a bunch of Holden’s and Fords cruising around, Perth’s import scene needs no exaggerating. I was quite surprised at the vast number of modified JDM goodness flowing the streets. Even more surprising was the similarity in the styling of Aussie and American built tuner cars.

The days of Aussie’s installing big gaudy chrome wheels on anything that rolled has passed and been replaced with stanced, fitted and flushed tastefully modified imports. Nissan's dominate Perth’s import scene, but that is no surprise as Australia has been blessed by the car gods with Silvia’s and skylines, and nowadays are cheap as chips to buy and modify.
Meet Trevor and his RB20DET swapped S13 Silvia.
I first met Trev earlier this summer at a local drift event. While walking through the parking lot I noticed his Silvia and his buddies R32 skyline chillen off to the side, bonnet popped and a small gathering of people checking it out, curious I wanted to take a closer look.... RB Swapped huh? Taking a guess the owner was the skater looking dude sporting some killer green DC kicks, my guess was right. I sparked up a conversation about the Silvia, the swap, suspension, curry (don’t ask) and general car chat. Turned out Trev and I actually knew each other from way back, when we both owned Lancers and were part of a mirage/Lancer forum (small world eh?). His lancer unfortunately met its fate and was written off by insurance after a bad hail storm, and was replaced by this S13.
Its raw, it’s beaten, its fast, its rolled & tuckin’, its daily driven
Sittin’ pretty on Rota’s
RB20DET silvertop engine from a gts-t skyline, fully engineered.
Regularly serviced and dyno tuned at PZP Performance, putting down an impressive safe 359HP. 4
This lill S13 is more spoiled with brand names than a 16 year old girl at the mall with daddy’s credit card. Riddled with Greddy, Whiteline, Turbosmart, Nistune and many more go fast and suspension parts.|

Sticker Bombed Consol & Bubble Shift Knob… awesome!
Recaro… Nuff said
This boys and girls is what happens when you drive a modified import in Australia. The cops have nothing better to do than pick on import owners.

Trevor enjoys long walks on the beach, curry, boost and heavy metal.

More Pics Here
Well my bURG friends, I’ll keep you posted with more Aussie cars and events!
In the mean time, check out some aussie JDM Yumminess at the Rising Sun Car Meet held recently in Perth.

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