Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Honda Day is an annual event held in Englishtown NJ to celebrate all things Honda. Held at Old Bridge Township Raceway, Honda Day comprises of a 1/4 mile drag, car show and vendor midway. This year was the first time they attempted a 2 day event, however day 2 was rained out and reschedule for the following weekend. As bad as the weather was on day two, day one was perfect! Mid 8o’s with low humidity. That coupled with some fast cars, included a 7sec RWD EM2 Civic powered by a K, great shopping at the midway and plenty of show cars to cater to anyone’s taste, Honda Day was an awesome event in which I hope to attend again!

The staging lanes were busy all day. There were classes for any car to be competitive!
Menacing view!!
The vendor midway was packed all day with great deals and bargins.
Sharpie fad seems to be slowly gaining momentum.
Just a class Accord. Simple and Clean!
Love this custom tag!
Domo x J-Series collabo!
White on White
After the non popular EM2, Honda did it right with the current gen Civic
Clean shaven and an interesting color combo.
Dumped TL with a race look
Gotta show some Ruckus Love!
K-Tuned sponsored El Freddy laid down a 7.08 @ 198MPH!!!!
Clutchmasters came out correct with a nice support vehicle and a few cars to show off how much power their clutches can hold!

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