Friday, August 26, 2011


It's 1:30am.  Just thinking out loud.

We all know that we are driven by this incredible passion to live and breathe cars.  But why?

What causes us to spend an hour trying to untorque one damn bolt, or makes us remove a wheel 20+ times just get the car a 1/4" lower all the way around?

Why do I have to glance back at my car when I leave it, knowing I see the same car every single day?  Why can't I look at a stock 240SX without wondering if it is SR swapped?

What do I truly get out of retuning my entire car just to shave .5 seconds off an 1/8 mile drag strip?

My answer all this is............I can really care less about the answer.  It's simply understood. And I love every bit of it.  Blood, sweat, tears, oil, and rubber.

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