Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Words:  Steven Darchiville
Photography:  Steven Darchiville / Danny Tang

So my friend's name is spaceboy

For real.

As in have I have some people convinced that's his legal name.

Hell some people don't even know his real name!

Whatever works.

I met the strange person back in 2004, playing an arcade dance game called pump it up (haters gon hate, it's badass, all the cool kids are doing it).  After chillin' with him that day, he joined our regional message board, registered under the online alias "Spaceboy".

The next time we hung out, I asked him about his alias.  I then discovered he was an automotive junkie like myself.  Filled with a plethera of knowledge from muscle cars to imports.  He also told me about a show he loved called Initial D.  And from Initial D, he got into a sub-genre of
electronic music called "eurobeat." His favorite eurobeat song was called "Gonna Get You Spaceboy."

2004.  Spaceboy was born.

After daily driving a pretty much totaled 80's Lincoln Mark VII for a feW years, Spaceboy finally set out for a project.  After a random trip to Tennessee, he came back the next day with a clean title, clean shell, good running S13.  Fast forward to the following year, and the car had made a complete turn around with a black top SR, full bolt-ons, completely multi-link suspension, wheels, paint, etc.  He'd definitely proven to me what he was capable of.

But priorities set in (aka school sucks), and it was time to let the project go.  Through some dealing, Spaceboy got his hands on a MKIV Jetta Wolfsburg Edition.  In true Spaceboy fashion, the car is equipped with FK coilovers, 18x9.5" square wheel setup (hellasflush yo), reupholstered interior,
and all the right performance mods to make his a pretty fresh car.

I'm eager to see what he has in store for the car this year.  After all, his name is frickin' Spaceboy!  He's bound to do something stupid lol.

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  1. I like that now y'all are putting faces to the cars! love the article! love y'all!