Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doin' it Bigg

Words:  Danny Tang
Photography:  Steven Darchiville

Most of you that see this Bimmer will know it belongs to Sean Biggs because most of you know Sean. He's one of the counter guys at Elite Audio and he's very active in the bURG's car community. Whether you see him out at events or just on the weekends at the car wash, you'll see him interacting with everyone. Few of you even know that he's a contributor to the bURG blog.

I, however, have known Sean since he was Vtec_boi or Sean No Car. To me and my friend, Sean was the little brother type that kept hanging around me and my crew from back in the day. We use to pick him up from school, bring him by the shop and take him home. I'd like to think that we helped him hit the ground running with little tidbits of information that we were able to pass along. He's grown leaps and bounds since those days and it shows.

From his beginnings in his many Hondas all the way to his current green sedan, you can see mods done with the intent of function over fashion. He seems to build with a purpose and is always willing to help others achieve their goals with their projects.

So if you ever see Sean out, be sure to say hi. He's full of knowledge and always happy to pass it along.

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  1. Another nice ride by Sean Biggs! This guy is a true enthusiast.