Sunday, February 12, 2012


It doesn't take much to truly make a car stand out and grab attention.  For years, people have tried crazy color combos, wild body kits or Vegas style neon lights.  This is all good if you decide to put some thought into it and have everything installed properly and done in good taste.  There is a simpler way of doing things.  All you really need is two things.  Nice drop and a nice set of wheels.  Those two things can make a world of difference.  Corey and Tony Nguyen have proven just that.  Take a common Honda that you see every day and make it stand apart from the sea of commuter cars while remaining tasteful.  Not as easy as it sounds.

Tony's 2010 Accord Coupe is not exactly a popular choice among tuners.  In fact, the Accord has never been the Honda of choice to modify.  There have been many done, most of them poorly.  Tony's Accord is an eye catcher and it really isn't loaded down with mods.  He removed wheel gap with Megan EZ Street coil overs.  Rolling stock has been replaced with 20x8.5 XXR 521 wheels.  A classic mesh style wheel that just works so well on the elegant lines of the black coupe. 

Corey's 2010 Civic SI Sedan is a much more common platform in the tuner world.  With lots of possibilities for this popular sedan, it's easy to be different but not always easy to stand out.  The main things that stand out on this car is the ride height and wheel combo.  Absolutely slammed on D2 coil overs, that is the height that he drives the car on daily.  I know it's not easy because it took a good 5 minutes and multiple tries to get out of the parking deck we were in.  

Corey's wheel of choice is an interesting one.  It's actually what drew me to the car in the first place.  The 17x8 +15 Axis OG Banzai wheels are a classic design that you would normally see on an old school import, but they just work.  You won't see many people put an old styled wheel on such a new car and it doesn't always work.  But these just fit so well like they were made specifically for Corey's car.

Corey and Tony didn't break the bank on mods.  They didn't go out and spend top dollar, but it doesn't matter.  You can ball on a budget and make your car look like a million bucks with affordable mods.  Proper planning is key and I can't wait to see what is in store for both of these Hondas!

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