Friday, February 17, 2012


Words:  Steven Darchiville
Foto:  Steven Darchiville

Chances are if you find yourself incredibly bored and take a random drive to Goldsboro, North Carolina, and just so happen to end up hanging with Kyle, this noise will end up coming out his mouth.  Along with other strange obscenities like orgasm sounds and Boondock quotes ***NYYYYIIIGGGUUUHHH!***

From the guy whole called me cussing out his rear wiper blade because it was a paint in the ass to change (over a year ago), to completing a twin turbo engine swap, 5 speed conversion, and doing performance upgrades in his garage......this young grasshopper has definitely come a long way.

And I can't help but slightly chuckle at his misfortune lol.  I'm an asshole....we all are somewhere inside of us.  EVERYTIME this brotha-from-anotha-motha would make the boring 4-hour trek from Goldsboro to the bURG to come chill for a weekend, his car would get damaged.  From old women causing havoc on his fenders to completely smashing his front end to pieces.  Nothing could hold this driven guy back from dusting himself off and going straight back into his project Z.  And his determination to learn, build, and succeed shows in his pristine 300ZX.

His attention to detail is flawless.  De-kitting the car, going wingless, JDM exterior goodies, and hours spent in wheel and suspension setup has turned this once conformist-built car into Kyle's idea of rolling sex.  And I've humped it.  Twice.  From the engine harness that appears almost factory installed, interior panels that appear to almost have been never touched, to the paint job that's so clean the Pine Sol lady would shed a tear......the car is Kyle's rolling imagination; and reality.

Future plans include many performance upgrades, a more aggressive stance, and plenty of burn-outs and clutch kicks.

So let's toast our Coors Light cans (inside joke) to a cool ass white boy, repping the bURG 4 hours away in North Carolina, and doing it with just as much pride as we have.



  1. A well deserved post for a well deserved gear head. Awesome Job kyle Every time i see your car i shed a tear and think how i wish my car could be like that one day.

  2. other than it actually looking like a Z