Monday, December 12, 2011

An evening at Speedhaus

Talent is concept that can be perceived in a variety of manners.  From singing and dancing to
painting or playing sports -- we have a million outlets with which to display our talents.

Graham Stockley is a talented individual.  His talent?  Well aside from devouring
select desserts at an unnerving rate he is one of the most talented mechanics
I have ever encountered.  Speedhaus is the chosen setting for such stunning performances.

 Last week I stopped in at Speedhaus to hang out, as well as have a window
regulator replaced and get a new hood shock.  Though there are usually much more
exciting things going on behind those bay doors..

Graham is a one-man show.  He works long hours at the shop's location in
Roebuck, SC -- often by himself.  He prefers to work without distractions.  Only occasionally
do outside techs come to assist in completion of personal projects (i.e. - a certain
bURG Editor's former drift 240SX).  

Jaime's new E30 project was in for a quick once over and some timing adjustments

Speedhaus shows it's support for key members of the scene.

 Speedhaus specializes in European vehicles, but has established
plenty of experience with Honda's venerable K-series and was a key player
in Alex Gomez's S3-featured turbo EP3 build.

Your car will rarely leave this shop without high-quality fluids.  Or Graham
gets pissed. 

Speedhaus' on-going E46 project chillin' outside.

Justin stopped in to have some odds-and-ends tied up with his new turbo setup.

A closer look at the aforementioned new turbo setup.

My car spends a lot of time in this spot..

Sometimes you need a break from keeping a lot of the bURG vehicles on the road --
checking out a pretty cool blog in the meantime I see!

The many faces of Graham Stockley.   

Words and Photos:  Sean Biggs
Photo Editing:  Steven Darchville

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