Friday, November 11, 2011

Foreign or Domestic.  Lifted or Dumped.  Show or Go. It doesn't matter what you're into.  If it's on wheels, it's at SEMA.  This is an industry only event, but if you can get a pass to get in, I highly suggest you take advantage of it! Every car enthusiast should try and make it out for this at least once in their life.  I've been fortunate enough to be able to come here for 7 years straight and it never gets old!

Had my badge and plane tickets ready! 

The airport is pretty quiet at 7am

Minty Z! Full feature in the latest issue of S3 magazine!

Here's one for the old guys! Total throwback from Super Street!

Cusco's unique way of showing off their products.  Definitely an eye catcher!

Hoonigan by Rauh-Welt

Pandora One by Rauh-Welt.  Owned by Mr. Fatlace, Mark Arcenal

Sharpie cars are nothing new, but this Passat had the Star Wars trilogy on it! 

Any guesses as to what this is? You won't see another like it!

Fiat 500 brought to us by our friends at Tribe Agency and Modus!

Bimmer Benz and Bentley

Bimmer Benz and Bentley

Bimmer Benz and Bentley

Bentley Sebring? Yes! This is an 01-06 Sebring! Hood RICH!!!

Lincoln Continental! So Gangsta!

What can brown do for you? 600hp UPS Truck!

Like a BOSS!

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