Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In a sea of Civics, it's hard to stand apart from the crowd. Luckily for Erik Hawkins, this has never been a problem. I've known Erik for a long time and this isn't his first build. Every car Erik's built has been a cut above the rest. Nothing extremely over the top, but just enough to know that thought went into every move made. Most people would be happy with some wheels and a drop, but not Erik. He's got the nice drop and awesome wheel fitment. Color matched front lip to a custom gold paint that flips in certain lighting.
No over the top sticker bombs or carbon fiber that matches nothing, just classic styling that is timeless. Look at this car in 5 years and it'll still be talked about and in fashion. But Erik didn't just paint the house, he redecorated the living room. He spends all his time on the inside, so why not make it nice and cozy? The seats have been replaced with red buckets that match his wheels. His carpet and door inserts are also red to match. His rear seats are covered in a nice black suede and the sound system has been upgraded to give just enough bump to warrant a noise complaint. And this isn't just all show with no go. Under the hood, the stock single cam was tossed for a 1.8 DOHC LS motor. Just enough go and just enough show. Looks good, moves fast and still has air conditioning! So in a tuner world filled with Civics, Erik makes sure he's never lost in the crowd!

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