Monday, September 3, 2012

Cali Swag/Southern Charm

Whenever I hear someone talk about a 64 Impala, thoughts of Southern California pop into my head accompanied by a soundtrack that includes Easy E and the rest of NWA.  The 64 Impala is an iconic car in the low rider culture and it's not something typical you see here around Spartanburg.  This 64 belongs to local Carey Birch.  I've always thought to myself that Carey was born in the wrong era in the wrong part of the US.  He's owned five cars of this style and many other customs.  Besides this Chevy, Carey also owns '65 bagged C10 rat truck.  The Impala you see in front of you is as Cali as it gets.  It was built out west and shipped to the good ol South.  While building a '64 Impala Convertible, the opportunity came up to trade his project for this car.  While he loved his vert, this is a trade he felt he could not pass up and the car speaks for itself! Is there another convertible in his future? Only time will tell.

A look inside the pilots seats

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