Monday, August 13, 2012

Import Alliance Charlotte, NC 2012

The big kahuna.  The moment.  The event that we look forward to all year.  From the days of Nopi Nationals, Import Alliance has rekindled that feeling.  Like every year, the folks in the bURG packed up and headed out of town for the weekend to take on Import Alliance.  This time, a little closer to home, in Charlotte, North Carolina at ZMax Dragway.

Words & Foto:  Steven Darchiville

The weekend, as usual, starts of with a little hotel madness. 

Day one; the hype.  I always love the anticipation of the the line-up.  Hundreds of modified cars, bumper to bumper, everyone talking and chillin, blasting music, BOV'ing.  As we get our wrist bands, we emerge into the lot that is Import Alliance. 

I liked that this year, people were respectful of keeping the modified cars together, and spectator vehicles on the outskirts.  All the cliques were setup with their easy ups, banners, music, and super JDM parking angles. 

Under the main bleachers played to the vender area.  4 rows deep of the latest in the tuner industry, from performance parts, full motor swaps, wheels, interior and exterior aesthetics, and lifestyle merch.  Between the industry moguls were some of the hottest cars in the scene. 

After a day in the blistering sun, everyone rolled back to the hotel and pregamed for the night out.  Nothing like a hug-ass dinner party with your peeps at a Japanese steakhouse.  Insane Stance & Offset did it big, as usual, and hosted an after party at Butter at the NC Music Factory.  Rather interesting night....but we will leave it at that!

Day two, the hype didnt end.  Running off a handful of hours of sleep, we rolled back to ZMax.  Even with it being 200 degrees again, that didn't stop the minions from rolling in.  With the lot even more full, the event was in full swing.  Later on in the day, the Best Fitment award was given, along with exhaust revving contest, and a quarter mile drag race.....on foot! 

Overall a successful event.  Thanks to the crew at Import Alliance, Insance Stance & Offset, and everyone involved in this year's summer meet.  It can only get better from here!

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