Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SWD Autopalooza

When zMAX Dragway was completed in August of 2008, it instantly became the mecca of drag racing.  Located just north of Charlotte in Concord, zMAX is the only 4 wide dragstrip.  Yes FOUR LANES WIDE!!! It's a regular stop on the NHRA schedule and draws sellout crowds to every race.  All these people and race teams coming to such a large venue means one thing... a giant parking lot to play in!!! The guys at Streetwise took full advance of all this space running two tracks! I mean if your host has two tracks, it only makes sense to run two tracks when using their parking lot.  This meant that the ProAm drivers and Amateur drivers could get an equal amount of seat time on a course layout that fit their skill levels.  It was a great event to be at to see those still honing their skills and those on the cusp of the pros.  With so much going on, it was hard to leave the track even with the mercury pushing the 100 degree mark! I applaud Streetwise for yet another awesome event for both drivers and spectators!! Be sure to check out one of their future events! You won't regret it! (

ProAm Driver George Gorb throwing smoke on one of his first passes of the day.

Alex Youe is DTF... Are you?

Lee Alexander taking out the last clipping point or The Last Clipping Point taking out Lee's bumper?

Ben Lewallen green 240 is hard to miss even for Stevie Wonder.

Nate Hamilton showing off some angle!

Tyler Nelson had an unfortunate meeting with a light pole but was able to limp back to the pits unassisted.

Hats off to Adam Seaman for taking home first place in the ProAm competition!

A view of Ben from a little higher up from the grand stands

Tommy Van Cleef during an early practice round

Gary "Old Man Gary" "OMG" Coster throwing smoke on the Amateur Track

Speedhaus Graham giving a ride along

Hey Kesean! Take that bitch drifting! Bitches love drifting!

Topless Sliding with Justin Moore and Mr. Angry Eyes

bURG editor Andy showing out his fresh paint job

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