Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spring Fling 2012

Photos & Words:  Steven Darchiville

So once a year, Spartanburg experiences typical suburban Americana, in the form of the annual town festival, Spring Fling.  Downtown Spartanburg shuts down, and becomes home to an endless array of local music, arts, food, and lifestyle.  Each year, Spring Fling incorperates their classic car show. 

But this year was a little different.  Someone took notice of the rather unique automotive scene we have here, and decided to shake things up a bit.

Long story short, we ran that bitch. 

The streets were filled with track cars, street cruisers, low rides, e-famous stance queens, JDM imports, and more.  The public stared with dog-like head tilts and awkward smiling faces, trying to figure out exactly what we do.

The turnout was a such a success that next year's Spring Fling will incorperate this new image of cars.  Thank you local city government for noticing our badassery :)

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