Saturday, June 2, 2012


The town of Helen, GA in Blue Ridge Mountains sits right along the Chattahoochee River.  However, if you are just driving around lost and happen to stumble upon the small town, you would swear you were in Germany.  The entire town is Bavarian-themed and that is part of what makes it the perfect setting for Southern Worthersee, or SoWo as the cool kids call it.  This was my first visit to the town of Helen for SoWo, but everyone in the European car scene knows this is a can't miss event on the calendar.  The town of Helen welcomes tuners with open arms and it shows! SoWo Banners and welcome signs are on every store front and light pole! From the amazingly build cars and awesome people, this is an event that is sure to make my yearly to-do list!

The entire event is held on a giant field right along the river.

A very well done Beetle with a nice turbo set up out back!

7 Series riding through town like a BOSS

Just a look at the German style that the whole town is designed in.

This aired out CC was one of my favorite cars at the show.

Copper plated wheels are sure to have the crack heads drooling!

Beats walking around the show

Classic Merc style never gets old!

Talk about a shop car that will stop you in your tracks!

Following Danny "Seyffer_Reel" Seyffer to the show.

Clean styling speaks volumes

We made some new friends and had an impromptu photo shoot!

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