Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Save Drifting in Atlanta

So here is the story...The surrounding neighborhood around Turner Field has been complaining about noise. Not just any noise, but noise related to drift events. Take a second and think about this.......this is Turner Field; Baseball games, circus, autocross you name it...they happens there. I can without a doubt say that the traffic and noise created during baseball games (ie fireworks) are much louder than a drift event. The part that gets me is that there are maybe only 5 events a year for drifting. This is a blatant attack on drifting itself! I have yet to take my car down there and slide, but the I've always wanted to. These events are used by pros, pro am'ers, and the average drift Joe alike. They shut down one event and it will just be a matter of time before they try and shut down another in other cities or states. Lets keep drifting fun, safe, and on the track. We don't need anymore friends dead on the side of the road.

Here is the petition itself:
"Dear Honorable Mayor Reed and members of the Atlanta City Council: I approach you today asking for a VETO of the amendment to the noise ordinance 12-0-0502 (14), passed in the Council Meeting of May 7, 2012. The car enthusiast community in Atlanta is strong in numbers; these numbers represent tax payers, business owners, consumers and voters. Please let my signature stand to represent my one voice in these larger numbers, asking that a VETO be made on our behalf. The organizers of Drift events in Atlanta already strictly adhere to the current noise ordinance, and work with the community at large to present to the enthusiast and drift communities, events which are safe and within the guidelines very clearly represented by current ordinances. An amendment to this ordinance specifically targeting and prohibiting Drifting would result in a loss of income for Atlanta, for Turner Field, for shop owners, parts distributors, tire vendors, restaurants, gas stations, hotels and a myriad of other business throughout Georgia. In this tough economy, we should be searching for ways to keep and grow our avenues of income, not restrict them. There are currently other organizations which hold motor sports events within the City of Atlanta, specifically at Turner Field. These organizations include Auto cross events, Gymkana events, and automotive dealership test drive / moral boosting events. To target Drifting in the midst of these other events is simply discrimination. In addition, the events at Turner Field offer the enthusiast the opportunity to increase driving skill and compete in events in a safe, controlled environment. The Drift events currently run by S2 Drifting in Atlanta have an accident free history to date. To keep Drifting in this safe and controlled environment will in turn, lesson the burden on Atlanta Police, Fire and EMS services by providing a safe outlet for motor sports and car enthusiasts.
Please consider these facts and VETO the amendment to the ordinance. I respectfully thank you for your time."

Please take a second and sign this petition to save drifting in Atlanta. When you are done then share it on FB.
Save Drifting in Atlanta!

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