Monday, April 23, 2012

Import Alliance ATL 2012

So needless to say no one could have anticipated what happened this year at Import Alliance spring meet in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Turner Field lot appears to be a rather large lot, great for hosting a huge car meet such as this. 

But we are too strong; too established, and too united.

And we took over Atlanta!

So much that late afternoon, the city of Atlanta decided to shut down the event. Some may see this as a disappointment.  But the cup is always half full in my world.  And this is a sign of hope and properity.

The scene back, alive and kicking, and only getting better.

In the past few years, it seemed as if the scene went through a recession. From the large car show circuits dying, major automotive parts companies filing bankruptcy, and conflict between communities splitting the automotive passion we all once shared. 

But things are changing.  And IA ATL 2012 was a standing metaphor for what we have become.  Through all this downfall, the automotive tuner community is standing up, fighing for what they stand for, and showing their support in a huge way.  Three major exits off I-75 to downtown Atlanta shut down due to traffic flow caused by auto enthusiast.  Police force overwhelmed by a flood of modified cars from every which way their eye could see.  Imports, domestics, Euros, exotics; all together, being a part of an event that defines our passion for cars and community.

This is only the beginning.  I personally feel the "scene" is back in full force.  Stance, drift, track, street; whatever your forte..........we are in it together. 

Keep showing your support.  I'm loving this!!!!

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