Monday, April 30, 2012

Import Alliance ATL 2012 Part 2

Import Alliance ATL! Wow! What can I say? Import Alliance, or IA, is the brain child of Don Napier.  It's the first major meet of the season for us on the East coast and it never disappoints! With lines forming as early as 7am and the numbers reaching 2500 cars by 10am, it's easy to see why the ATLPD  was overwhelmed by the crowd.  As soon as I could find a parking spot, I took to the lot.  My first stop, as always, was the S3 booth to say hello to some friends.  In the sea of people, I was lucky to run into Don as I was leaving the S3 booth and got to speak to him for a few minutes.  Needless to say, he too was surprised by the turnout.  He told me that he was afraid they wouldn't have the turn out needed to break even. I don't think that was a problem by the looks of things.  We spoke a little on next years ATL event because you can never start planning too early.  We were both hoping that the Spring Meet won't outgrow Turner Field for at least another year, but if so, I'm sure Don and the IA crew will have a new spot for everyone!

A shot of the secondary lot with a nice view of downtown ATL in the background.

Bagged Scooby in the Grip Royal Booth

Ben Howard's GreasyBlocks, Skunk2, K-Tuned, K-swapped Civic

Widebody M3? Yes please!

Something about this Box that just made me fall in love! Love the Boso style pipe and the orange wheels.

Not a big fan of Miatas, but this one was probably one of my favorite cars at IA.  There were some very impressive Miata builds!

Ryan Richey's bagged Scooby at the Grip Royal booth!

Griffin and Savan looking cute Ruckin around IA!

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