Sunday, March 4, 2012

SWD AntiFreeze

The winter months, however mild they may be for us Southerners, usually provide an ‘off-season’ affect. The cold season gives enthusiasts a “break” from the hectic event schedule of the summer and given everyone the opportunity to work on their cars and improve them for the next year. However, as spring approaches we become restless; eager for an outlet for our raging automotive addiction. Enter 
Streetwise Drift with their aptly-named Anti-Freeze drift event.

Several of our local drifters recently travelled to the Metrolina Arena in Charlotte, NC, home to many of Streetwise Drift’s exciting, well-organized drifting festivities. With the driver’s list booked to the max weeks before the event even occurred, it promised to be a great way to spend a Sunday.
With the participating vehicles ranging from ASD-prepped Falken-tire sponsored GM LSx drift monsters to young enthusiasts in near-stock S-chassis and RX7s, SWD Anti-Freeze gave drifting fans exactly what they have been yearning for throughout the cold months. Each and every driver looked great during the days sessions, with many showing great improvement since last year.
Tandem competition ensued in the afternoon, with Spartanburg’s Kesean Cornish as one of the 8 participants. We were all very excited, as Kesean is one of the area’s most talented drifters and this would be his first taste of true tandem competition. His hands shook as he mounted his wheels and tires prior to the competition, but when he threw the car into a donut during pre-staging it was evident he was confident and poised.
Kesean was eliminated in the first round from a crucial, though contested, mistake made at the end of the course, though his consistency and aggression against the highly-prepped opponent impressed many throughout the crowd. Ivan Klimovich, driving a street-driven RB20-powered S14, went on to place 2nd in the competition -- but not without incident, as he had contact with Brad Heyl during their One More Time runs. Both drivers escaped unharmed, and the cars only experienced repairable damages.
Under the cover of Metrolina’s ever-convenient hangar there were plenty of well-built cars to check out between driving sessions, and some up-and-coming drivers were showing their R/C drift skills off all day long.
I had a blast and am excited for what this year has in store, now that I’m all thawed out.

 Kesean prepping for practice runs

Speedhaus Graham headed out of the pits

ASD dialing in their 240

V8 S13

Duct Tape Love

Van Cleef Motorsports

Kesean doin work!

Brad Heyl's ASD S13

Savan showing Andy the safety dance

The crowd anxiously waiting for the tandem rounds to begin.

Brad chasing Kesean

Clean S14 with an Instant Gentleman kit


 Speedhaus Graham removing excess rubber from his wheel wells

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