Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Air Force Swag

Words:  Steven Darchiville
Photogs:  Steven Darchiville

Repping the bURG all the way in North Dakota, Matt has kept his bURG roots strong, putting together a beautiful street car that shows not only his dedication, but overall personality and swag.

This dance floor rockin' b-boy ended up in North Dakota thanks to the good 'ol Air Force.  Doing our country proud one day at a time, and we thank him very much, he has dedicated to his military life style.  But that hasn't stopped him from his automotive drive.  Picking up his new Lancer, he began modding right away.  From the variety of race inspired aesthetics, wacky personal touches, auxilary lighting, and aggressive wheel and suspension setup, this car truly shows Matt's personality.

The interior has been kept a clean stock spec with plenty of personal touch.  The sticker bomb theme explodes in the interior while the Bride seats maintain the performance look and feel for Matt's driving experience.

For such a humble guy, the car definitely screams style.  Matt is actually headed to Japan, where his head will probably explode from all the Japanese automotive awesomeness.  Not sure as to what he will end up in there, but when he gets back, his Lancer will be waiting, and who's to say what else he will modify!

Thanks for serving our country Matt.

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