Friday, January 27, 2012

BBQ, Beer, Friends, a Birthday, and a Chevy

“Well guys, this weekend is my 21st birthday and all I want is for my truck to run..”

A simple request from a close friend brought us together for an awesome Saturday night with one task – breathe life into Rodney Christopherson’s 1959 Chevrolet Apache project. 

The truck has been an on-going project for Rodney for quite some time now, with the custom air-ride suspension being the main focus for the past several months.

Rodney is the quintessential classic car/rod personality, if you meet the guy you could swear he was transported into our time from the ‘50s.  He’s about as old fashioned as it gets and is one of the most genuine individuals you’ll ever meet.  It wasn’t hard to find time to lend him a hand with the project he’s been so fervently working to complete.

He actually put together two other classic vehicles prior to this project – built in order to fund this truck build.  Both were Fords.  I think that’s funny.

Somehow, this birthday party found a way to perfectly illustrate the essence of automotive lifestyle, it incorporated enthusiasts from across the spectrum for a singular purpose.  The fellowship and wrenching broke through the cold winter off-season to remind us what we do, and why we do it.

The truck still has some finishing touches before you’ll see it laying frame all over town, but it fired up late that night granting one hell of a birthday wish.

Hi Rodney.

Words:  Sean Biggs
Photos:  Sean Biggs/Danny Seyffer
Video:  Seyffer_Reel

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