Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clear to Drift 2.0 BRAH!

Airport + Drifting =...... Well you couldn't even imagine the awesomeness that went down this past weekend. Drifters from surrounding areas came together for the second installment of Clear to Drift put on by Streetwisedrift and the city of Thomson, Ga. A few of the guys from the bURG went down to represent and compete in the event.

Filling up and waiting for everyone to gather before we roll out.

Jeremy Thomason dropping jaws at 4am in the morning...

the bURG/ISBGarage pit area...We definitely owned that spot.

The ISBGarage support car also doubled as the NOS Energy support car for the day lol.

Drifting started off wild. The 1st turn was easily a 3rd gear entry coming out wide to the clipping point. The next section of the course gets a little bit smaller into a figure 8 type deal. During the walk through of the track everyone was a little nervous about the figure 8 section since it was surrounded by concrete barriers, but everyone seemed to be comfortable with it once they got out there.

Jodin LeJeune of Drift Emporium was there to judge. You would not believe the beautiful sounds that come from this car. The G35 had a Stillen supercharged VK out of a Nissan Titan.

Tyler Nelson going balls out HAM like always. Can't wait to see this guy sliding Pro Am next year.

"Flying machines" as Kesean called them were making their way on and off the runway throughout the day. It was pretty cool to see them take off and land where we were just just sliding.

Justin's mom attempting to roll hard. :)

Graham getting mentally prepared before his run group...or sleeping I wasn't sure.

With a nasty V8 you would need this many tires.

Justin doesn't yet have his drift car running so he dual slid the ISBGarage drift car with Andy. They were both putting down good runs until disaster struck. Check it out below.

There weren't enough guys wanting to do solo drift competition. They needed 3 more drivers so Andy, Justin, and Graham said F it why not. On Andy's 1st run (and last) he came in full throttle through the first turn but let off and under steered straight off the track into a tractor trailer tire.

The damage wasn't so bad; broken lights, bent support, smashed intercooler and piping. Kesean bent the radiator back out, and Justin quickly ghetto rigged the car to loop the piping back into itself. As odd as this looks it actually functioned the same. We drove the car home like this knowing the weather would be ice cold so cooling the air wouldn't be a huge issue.

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