Friday, September 2, 2011

For six years, Don Napier and gang have been giving East Coast import enthusiest something to look forward to every year.  Don's Import Alliance has grown leaps and bounds beyond anyones expectations. What started out as a Nashville only event held in a parking lot under a bridge, has exploded into a can't miss event!
This year IA will be hosting four events.  The Spring Atlanta meet, which was a huge success and has grown since it's inception last year, the inaugural End of Summer meet in Baltimore and the Fall meet in Nashville where it all started.  But the largest and most popular event has to be the Import Alliance Summer Meet! To give you an idea of how crowded it can get, over 6500 people confirmed as attending on Facebook.  OVER SIX THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED! Let that sink in for a minute. People come from all over for this two day event that has grown so large that it now engulfs the whole Nashville Super Speedway! Just walking around you can spot license plates from Florida, Georgia, California, New York, Connecticut, Indiana and many others.  Even our neighbors from North of the border make the trek to show off their builds and check out the latest in the community.  I can only imagine where IA will be in a few years.  I give much respect to Don and his whole crew.  The amount of work and sleepless nights can not be praised enough! Thank you Import Alliance for all that you do!

bURG editor Sean's 240sx

The HNIC of S3's CRX

bURG editor Stephanie's DSM

bURG editor Steven's 300ZX

Wix's boosted G

bURG line up

Josh's bagged GS

Little Danny on the road to IA

Savan's bagged and Work'd M3

Ricky Moon's AWD monster!

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