Thursday, July 28, 2011

"I just wanna do what I want"

I asked Danny what best represents his philosophy on car building.

First thing that comes to mind when you hear about a modified E46? H&R Sport springs. CSL replica wheels. Right?

In the case of Danny Seyffer's 325ci those thoughts would be terribly, terribly wrong. In the BMW community there are few brave souls that break the mold. That defy convention and go above and beyond the status quo. Danny is part of that movement, boldy persevering through internet board taunts and ridicule, driven by creativity and passion to create something truly outstanding through their interpretation of the Bavarian automobile.

In layman's terms.. this thing looks straight up ridiculous. Especially when one discovers that its owner just graduated high school; quickly burning through the funds that selling treadmills (yeah.. random job I know) afforded him in order to build one of the sickest looking cars cruising Spartanburg's streets.

From the headlights Danny modified himself.. to the subtle use of carbon fiber.. this car oozes style. Rip off your carbon CSL front splitters? Checker them. Want to represent for Fatlace Illest? Let's cut the sticker in half and lay it across the vents in the Vorsteiner hood. Want to liven up the interior? Put 40+ hours of custom stitching (courtesy Danny's talented mom) into suede overlays throughout the cabin. Trunk too boring? Sharpie-graffiti the factory BMW toolbox cover. This is Danny's style. This is no one else's. He did this himself. Do not get it twisted--this is his steez, his personality--- and he doesn't care if you like it. But we all know we are feelin' it.

It takes hard work, dedication, and creative vision to put together a quality car.. and Seyffer is lacking in neither. The morning on the day we left for Import Alliance Nashville he was at Elite getting his tires balanced on the custom painted BBS wheels that ISBGarage painted for him. They were in pieces a day prior, paint curing.

Obviously, Danny isn't done with the car. Currently he is saving for more suspension tuning and researching the best route to take for more power.. and it won't be your average path I promise-- Seyffer is leaning towards Toyota Supra turbo motivation for his purple speedbump eater.

Danny Seyffer is a young and promising individual that shows me what the next generation of Spartanburg's car scene has to offer and I feel very comfortable knowing that people and cars like this are the evolution of our community. He is a tireless contributor to The bURG's efforts to benefit our scene and is like a younger brother to many of us. Seriously he's like a little brother we pick on him constantly and he puts up with it like a champ.

Give 'em hell Danny.

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