Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello Katie

So everyone is known for at least something; that one thing you are remembered by.  Whether you're short and brown, the guy who can dance, that girl with the annoying laugh....

Well Katie is "the girl with the Hello Kitty car."  Pretty cool reputation indeed; but this car has FAR more to offer.

Rockin' a simple yet functional swap, stance to make a mother proud, and an array of unique accessories to really set it apart from the usual Civic.  Katie's killin' the game.  Guys pay attention!

Tonight she set the car off right with her new fitment; the latest release by Enkei at SEMA 2010.  Enkei J-Speed 15x8" +10 offset (15mm spacers), 175/50/15.

She was joking with me tonight, saying how she wanted to be famous one day.  Well you're on the right track!

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