Saturday, February 26, 2011

SC Represent!

the bURG would like to congratulate Tuan Chau for his feature in this month's Honda Tuning. I've known Tuan for about 10 years and he never seems to disappoint with his builds. After seeing both his brothers build countless masterpieces on wheels, it's fair to say that taste runs in the Chau family. Tuan assured me that he has a few tricks up his sleeve for his Integra and hopes to have it featured when complete. Knowing Tuan, I know that we're all in for something special!


  1. one of the best Carolina cars.. congrats Tuan!

  2. all i can say is..the teg is nasty. The bURG hung out with Tuan and the cola crew a few weeks back n it didn't disappoint.

  3. I never Expect anything less than amazing from Tuan's Garage. RESPECT!