Monday, February 14, 2011



A few weeks ago my good friend Ken Ingersoll sent me this video via Facebook. It's coverage of the German Reisbrennen, a gathering of imports that is very similar to Import Alliance from what I can tell and it looks like an amazing experience. Format67 has brought itself to the forefront of automotive motion media and the attention they've received is entirely justified.

This latest artistic venture from Format67 intervened in my already desolate sleep schedule with a flood of thought and observation that inspired the laziest of Burg bloggers, your's truly, to such a ridiculous extent I had to write about it.

Community. Webster defines it as "a unified body of individuals." It's a term that gets thrown around often, however not as much as is probably necessary. Take a moment and let that sink in. Community. What does that mean to you?

This community is a daily fixture in my life, and I'm sure it is the same for many of you. Every single waking day of my life you people are a part of it. I live with this community. I live in this community. Hell, I LIVE this community. WE live this lifestyle, this sector of human society that is so so monstrous in proportion, yet so misunderstood by the status quo.

Ponder this. How many times has your timing belt jumped a tooth, and someone you only know as "That Guy With the Boosted CRX" pulled over on the interstate in the middle of the night to help you out? How many times have you desperately needed that STUPID relay, for whatever reason, at 3:30 in the morning and you found someone that had it and was willing to meet you to get it to you? Or that time you just couldn't quite figure out how to wire that thing __________ (insert said thing here... like B18C1 butterfly valves) and you called up so and so to help you out? Or that time Steven stayed late at Elite because he knew how bad you wanted your tires mounted so you could rock your new wheels?

Community. Friends. Family.

Yet it goes deeper. Moving past helping out with cars, past hooking you up with a deal on parts and evolving to true friendship. How many people do you know simply because they had a modified car too? How many of those became your closest friends? I'm sure the number is startlingly high. I can think of countless examples..

This is what drives our community, what drives us. It is why when you pass me on the interstate, and I don't know you, and you wave -- I wave back. It's what gets us into as much trouble as it keeps us out of. It's what makes a casual gathering of friends for a bite to eat look like a car show.

Not even pro football players look that cool when they meet up at Zaxby's for lunch.

This phenomenon is not limited to simply local community. Not limited to towns, or cities, or states. This way of life is global. It's McDonalds global. An epic magnitude of car enthusiasm. It's the reason Import Alliance is so amazing, why the Eibach Meet gives away a "Farthest Distance Traveled" award, why drag racing associations hold East Coast vs. West Coast showdowns, and why the SCCA Solo2 Nationals are held. We are connected by what we love. This video brought forth emotions in me that are so true to my soul, yet it was contrived on another continent.

It's why Ken, who moved to New York, sent it to me. He understands this love.. passion.. whatever nomenclature you want to use.

Not everyone understands. People outside of this lifestyle are confused by why we do what we do. A car is just a car to them. From A to B. It doesn't compute for them, and that's fine.. because we understand each other and that's all that matters.

Our community creates micro-communities within itself. The stance guys. The drag racers. The autocrossers. Those annoying drifters...
After we create those divisions we then break them into even smaller communities. Front-Drive drag racers. All motor. Turbo. Import. DSM. Honda. Domestic. Ford. Chevy... and so on.
In the end we are all part of one community. It is why I go to Import Shootout, to shows of all types, to autocrosses, to Cobra Club track days... we are a unified body of individuals.

Community is what makes this all worth it.. the waking up at 5am to head out to an event, the lack of sleep, the lack of food, the expensive parts, the expensive trips, the grease stains that you cannot get out of your hands... and we just can't get enough of it. We wouldn't have it any other way.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to those that introduced me to this scene, helped me along the way, asked me to help them along the way, came to the events, held the events, showed up on weekend nights, sold me parts, bought parts from me, supported me, competed against me, and became my friends.. Thank you to all of those who are part of this community with me.

This is my lifestyle. When I die I can do so knowing that I experienced something amazing, that spanned the globe and did so with such incredible impact, elegance, creativity, passion, and skill that only those involved could ever understand or appreciate it.

I look forward to the 2011 season and am anxious to see what we'll pull of this time around.


  1. I wish that everyone that dosnt understand our "community/lifestyle" would read this. It sums everything up perfectly. Awesome job Sean.

    If your reading this wondering if you should scroll back up and read all that besides just checking out the cool video... You Should.

  2. Every word is true in Seans blog and the video.
    I have made so many friends in our community
    People that for the rest of my life I will always remember
    And consider as close to me as family. Hell there are some that
    Are probably closer to me than family! Everyone in this community are amazing
    Great people who love cars, but also those same people love and care about you as a person. They care about your well being and rather your day was good or bad they will be there for you. If that means riding around talking to you just so you can get through a rough time in your life or of that
    Means going to walmart at 3am to look for trays to slide on or standing in the rain to fix your car. I love this community and everyone in it. For those of you that have helped and stood by me for years....thank you so much you have no idea how much y'all mean to me and I for one will be there for you guys if and when you need me. Sean great blog I think a lot of people need to read this and really understand who we are! Not only those cars people but a FAMILY!

  3. Absolutely brilliant Sean!

    You definitely nailed the depth of our community and what we've become. This is getting copied to a Word document right now!

  4. Sean,
    After reading the 1st few lines I was hooked. This article brings back countless memories of people and places we went together, along with the times we have and will share. While we all have tune to our own liking and dont always agree on what the other chooses in his path, we all can speak on times like this that we have shared. East Coast guys, West Coast guys, Racers, Softparkers, etc. The times we share and the friendships we have formed in this community are what make this community. Explaining what it is like on paper is the hard part! Great job Sean!

  5. Sean- I love you! This is amazing. This absolutely sums up who we are and what we stand for. You killed it.

  6. This is really good its extremely accurate most people are known by there cars and your right most people now a days wont stop for you if something happened to your car but if it is someone in the community that knows your car they will stop to see in a min and help with anything you need right on with this keep them coming enjoyed reading it