Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We are our own backbone

This community could not function without each other.

Working at the local performance shop, I see it everyday.  The dedication and support towards each other never fails to impress me.  Local tuners make it a part of their daily agenda and ritual to make an appearance at the shop, all to say hi, buy new parts, help out however needed, and put themselves out there for others.

And that's just at the shop. 

There is no clique.  We are a unit.  OG's and newbies alike are there to help, learn, and educate in our scene, and we grow from that.  Everything from performance builds, suspension tuning, stance, driving skills, fabrication......we all know who to go to at any given time.  And I think that's pretty cool that we've developed that sort of relationship.

2011 is going to be incredible; I can already see it.  And we will only grow stronger.

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