Thursday, October 14, 2010

you'll have to use your imagination.

Once, there was a slightly awkward ,adopted Korean kid living in a rural part of Spartanburg... he was a somewhat talented individual but had no real passion or interests...

Enter the neighbors from Fresno.

Intrinsically a nerd, he took to reading... not Sports Illustrated like his school friends, or the newspaper like his parents, but publications like Sport Compact Car, Super Street, and Turbo and High Tech Performance.. the forum surge was in full effect and he hit the dial-up internet hard.. on large forums and a local one -- and stood out like a sore thumb due to the fact that he was rockin' a Huffy. This scene took to him, however, and gave him something to do, something to look forward to, and something to love.

I'm still slightly awkward. Still adopted. Still living in a rural part of Spartanburg. Now, I've owned several vehicles and am involved with many of the local events (official and unofficial ones) in an effort to give back to the scene that has given me so much. Thanks to people like my respective co-blogger Danny Tang and Holly Greene of Elite Audio, I can proudly say I'm a part of this awesome scene.

I'm not a photographer. Not any sort of media specialist. So, you'll get to see my futile attempts at displaying this scene, and hopefully watch me grow in that department. I drive trashy street cars with mismatched no name wheels, and I drive them hard. I autocross and slide, alongside several other upstate driving enthusiasts and I hope to bring coverage from the strong, performance-focused side of Spartanburg's multi-faceted automotive lifestyle.

I'm Sean Biggs. It's been a fun ride, trust me -- there's so much more to come

I promise I'll have pictures or some shit for my next post haha


  1. dam!!! you sound like a different person in writing!!! thats awesome

  2. Picking up sean from highschool many moons ago before Doorman was turned into a walmart.

    I still remember the days of sean posting on the lunspeed forum, and coming to the westgate mall car shows when he was 12 years old!

    Love you sean! thanks for the call out:)

    - Holly