Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grab Your popcorn, but keep your $8.50

I've always been a movie buff. Ever since I could remember I would love going to the theatre, grabbing some snacks and just getting lost in the film til the credits rolled. So naturally, when I got into cars, I would snatch up any and every DVD sold on the topic. The DVD craze has faded and the spocom crowd moved quickly to to digital photography. And with the rise of affordable DSLRs that come HD video ready, many decided to make their own movies instead of buying ready made flicks off the shelf. It seems like every kid w/ an HD cam thinks he's Steven Speilberg. Although not cinematic monsters, there have been some quality short films and I'm sure many many more to follow. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see some short films produced by us at TheBurg.
Here are a few videos that have come out that really grabbed my attention.

Low-Familia 2010
The Vdub guys started many trends we see today. They seem to be the stance kings!

Fatlace Klas:SIK
One of the biggest brands out west that is responsible for HellaFlush, Illest and many other great items for all the fitted kids.

Lowriders by SA Studios

This has been one of my favorite videos seen this year. I absolutely love a well done Lowrider. These guys are nuts and do some crazy stuff with their cars. Plus, it features Danny Trejo and Mister Cartoon.


  1. The Lowrider Lifestyle video is incredible.

  2. that stuff is so boss.. I'm a huge fan of the videographer trend.. with young talent like Abbitt Wilkerson I can't wait to see how that edge of the scene evolves.

    Plus.. I get some of the freshest music from these short-movies. haha