Sunday, October 10, 2010


Steven here.

I've lived in Spartanburg, South Carolina since '95.  Being a Toronto native, big city kinda guy, I can honestly say this place feels like home.  It's the kind of place that everyone knows everyone and life is simple.  Far from superficial; just jeans and a t-shirt, real people, and good times.  Pretty awesome place if you ask me.

So we have this car scene.

And it's pretty cool.

I labeled our scene "The Burg."  A nickname I've been using for a while on video and photography projects for our car scene.  "The Burg".........simple and to the point.  Just like us.  Real people, real cars.  It's a scene that has defined itself for over 10 years.  From the days of Nopi and the Super Street tour to now, our scene has evolved into something much stronger than it already was.  And I couldn't be prouder to be a part of it..

This is my way of showing who we are.  We are not here to show out.  Not here to brag.  Just share our community with the world.  One blog post at a time.

Damn it's late!

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