Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducingggggg the girl! :)

Hi guys, I'm Steph.
I am currently engaged to Robert Morris (driver of "The Hulk" Eclipse) and we have an amazing little girl. :)
I drive a 97 Mitsubishi GST Spyder Eclipse and I absolutely love it! It currently has quite a few bolt on performance mods, it's lowered, has a system, and wheels. Nothing overly exciting but still working on it! ;)
I am all about cars and this amazing scene! I also love learning and working on them in any way imaginable! I am working towards building a car that's fast and looks jaw dropping at the same time! Cars are a MAJOR turn on for me.. Speed is like a drug that gives an adrenaline rush like nothing else (though i do not believe in street racing) :) I love traveling the country for meets and shows! So be on the look out for our crew :)


  1. Definitely keep us posted with any projects that go on at Green Pointe Customs lol. You guys always stay crazy with car projects, so put that camera to work.

  2. yoooo i seeeen you today. You baby is cute.:)